April 2019
Quoted by AFP (link via Daily Mail)
Tripoli offensive highlights global splits on Libya

Contribution to April 10th Sada discussion on Yemen
Saudi Arabia does not know what it wants
"The Saudis’ incoherent approach to Yemen, which reflects a willingness to accept having a weak southern neighbor, is allowing the UAE to stir the pot."
January 2019
published in the journal 'Global Change, Peace & Security',

October 2018
Quoted by Karen DeYoung & Co. in The Washington Post
Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is ‘chief of the tribe’ in a cowed House of Saud
My comments included: " '[N]eutralizing of any meaningful autonomy' in the national guard, 'ensuring that the most effective bits of internal security report directly to you,' coupled with 'MBS’s sole control over substantive [weapons] procurement,' Partrick said, was a 'useful combination' for the crown prince."

August 2018
Quoted by Bloomberg News
Saudi slap at Canada shows Crown Prince's assertiveness
“The Canadian government was only voicing a frustration that other Saudi allies privately feel with the Kingdom’s reform process, but was unwise to do it in comparatively strident language,” said Neil Partrick, a Saudi expert and editor of “Saudi Arabian Foreign Policy: Conflict & Cooperation.” Because the Trudeau government isn’t a significant ally, “MBS probably decided that Canada was, for the time being at least, expendable,” he said.
July 2018
Quoted by Reuters
As U.S. Pushes for Mideast Peace, Saudi King Reassures Allies
'Independent analyst Neil Partrick said King Salman appears to have reined in MbS' "politically reckless approach" because of Jerusalem's importance to Muslims. "So MbS won't oppose Kushner's 'deal', but neither will he, any longer, do much to encourage its one-sided political simplicities,"' 
June 2018
How the UAE wields power in Yemen 
Interviewed by Zachary Laub of the Council on Foreign Relations about the role of the UAE in the Yemen conflict. i

May 2018 
Saudi Defence and Security Reform  
Sada is the online, Middle Eastern analysis journal of Washington DC's Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

March 2018 
Quoted in The Financial Times
'Neil Partrick, lead contributor to Saudi Arabian Foreign Policy, said in a recent book: “The UK cannot claim . . . to encourage  Saudi caution in Yemen when Britain is so intimately involved in the Saudi effort in Yemen as military adviser and supplier.”'

December 2017
The Saudi & Emirati Conundrum after Saleh - Sada  

October 2017
The UAE's War Aims in Yemen - Sada   

June 2017
Lebanon: in the eye of the regional storm - Open Democracy

April 2017
Counterproductive US-Saudi security ties  - Sada

March 2017
Saudi Arabia & the Trump Administration: A Marriage of Mutual Convenience - The IB Tauris blog.  

November 2016
Sada published a feature on then President-elect Trump's prospective Mid-East policies . It included an opinion piece on the implications for Yemen of a Trump presidency. You can read this and a host of other pundits' assessments of the prospective impact of President Trump on other Middle Eastern countries/issues via the link above.

October 2016
Why the US-Saudi defense and security relationship will remain firm - The National Interest 

October 2015
Saudi Arabia's Yemen Gambit - Sada 

September 2015
Saudi Arabia: A War on All Fronts? - Arabian Gulf States Institute in Washington (AGSIW)

Cameron's extra-judicial killing of Britons raises legal questions - Araby Al-Jadeed  

June 2013
Turkey: Looking East and West - Open Democracy